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Members of Oregon state boards and commissions are vital participants in policy making, regulation, advisory and advocacy efforts for a wide variety of issues affecting all Oregonians.  Governor Kitzhaber makes direct appointments to approximately 200 boards and continuously recruits qualified applicants.

At all levels of state government, contributions by members of boards increase efficiency, innovation and responsiveness of governmental decision making.  Most major state agencies and departments are headed by policy making boards appointed by the Governor.  Many additional committees, councils, boards and commissions establish policy in given areas or serve in advisory roles.

With boards functioning at all levels, dedicated citizens have the opportunity to participate in developing a wide variety of governmental policies.  Major issues range from consumer protection to economic development, education, conservation, personal rehabilitation and criminal justice.

The board system contributes to the success of Oregon state government and is key to bringing local citizens talent and interest to the state level.  Governor Kitzhaber encourages all Oregonians to become actively involved in the administration of their state government.

How To Apply
On this site you will find information regarding state boards and commissions.  The Boards & Commissions Book describes all boards to which the governor makes appointments, the Expiration List* and Vacancy List* indicate when openings will occur, and the Interest Form serves as an application for one or more boards.  The Membership Handbook is a general guide to board service.

Please review this material to see if any particular boards pique your interest.  If you wish to apply, simply complete the Interest Form and return it to our office.  You may apply at any time, regardless of whether there is a current opening, as resignations occur throughout the year.

We appreciate your interest in serving the State of Oregon.

*Note: These files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free.


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