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Welcome to the web page for the Oregon Children's Plan.
Materials relating to the Plan will be posted here as they
become available, so please check back often.



House Bill 3659 (includes summaries of bill and legislatively-approved budget, plus link to complete bill text)

OCP WorkPlan

Governor's Testimony

Press Releases

Governor's Proposed Budget

Performance Measures and Benchmarks

Did you know ... ?
One in every ten children suffers
from a mental health disorder
severe enough to cause some
level of impairment

The Children's Plan provides for early
childhood mental health intervention.

The OCP: Helping Our Children Succeed
   - The Beginnings
   - Oregon's Children and Families:
          The Numbers Behind the Faces
   - Helping Our Children Succeed
   - Invest In What Works:
          Research Based Practices
   - Who Will Benefit:
          One Family's Story
   - Measuring Success:
          Benchmarks & Shared Outcomes

The Oregon Children's Plan: Why Treat
Parents for Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Effectiveness of the Oregon Children's Plan





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