State Capitol
Press Release
May 29, 2008
Statement by Governor Ted Kulongoski on Revenue Forecast
(Salem) – “Today’s revenue forecast delivered positive news for the citizens of Oregon . 
“Recognizing that Oregonians are feeling the crunch of rising food costs, increasing fuel prices, and an uncertain national economic outlook, it is critical that we continue to budget with prudence, build our reserves and target our investments in our state’s greatest asset – its people.
“We took smart fiscal steps last quarter and budgeted for slow economic growth. Now our state revenues are back on a steady path.
“While this increase in revenues is a positive turn for Oregon, it is not a signal that we should abandon the path of fiscal responsibility that we charted with the creation of a Rainy Day Fund.   If anything, this upward trend in Oregon provides us with the opportunity – and responsibility – to grow our reserves in order to provide greater fiscal stability for Oregon’s future.
“Working with the legislature, we will continue to invest in education, health care and living wage jobs.  And we will continue to focus on creating greater economic opportunities for the citizens of Oregon.”
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