State Capitol
Press Release
February 13, 2009
Statement by Governor on Congressional Passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
(Salem) – “Today Congress took action on a bill that represents an important first step toward economic recovery for Oregon and states throughout the nation.
“The targeted investments in education, infrastructure, human services and renewable energy development will help preserve and create thousands of jobs for Oregonians and help us move toward long-term economic recovery.
“While this assistance from our federal partners is very much needed to help with state budget shortfalls, it will not solve the state budget crisis entirely. There are still many difficult decisions before the state, that working with the legislature, we must address in order to provide a balanced budget by the end of this fiscal year.
“Times are hard right now for Oregonians across the state, but the bold action by President Obama and the U.S. Congress offers us both hope and a path back to a period of hope and prosperity.”
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