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February 27, 2009
Governor Applauds Commission for Putting Federal Stimulus Dollars to Work
(Salem) – Governor Ted Kulongoski today applauded the Oregon Transportation Commission for its prompt efforts to approve transportation projects across the state utilizing stimulus funding under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The approved projects will create or sustain an estimated 1,800 jobs this construction season.
“I applaud the speed at which the Oregon Transportation Commission and the Department of Transportation moved to get contracts out for bid, resulting in jobs Oregonians this summer,” said Governor Kulongoski. “This is exactly the intent of the federal stimulus dollars and the jobs will mean everything to many Oregon families.”
The total estimate for the 31 projects are $122.6 million in federal funds that will be under contract by May 2009. This includes the amount for two projects the commission previously approved at its February 18 meeting.
The commission also approved a $10 million list of “Transportation Enhancement” projects, such as sidewalks and lighting, for funding provided by the federal legislation.
The federal funds contained in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and directed to transportation infrastructure, are expected to be about $334 million for Oregon. Counties and cities receive their own allocation of about $100 million from the package, and have one year to obligate the funds. The state share of the funds is about $224 million.
With the remaining funds, the commission is expected to consider additional projects at the commission’s March 18 meeting in Salem. All told, the commission hopes to have at least $190 million under contract by May to sustain jobs this summer. 
“This department will deliver the promise of the president and Governor Kulongoski to get work out and to get federal dollars into the pipeline of the Oregon economy,” said ODOT Director Matt Garrett. “It is important to all of us to have as many Oregonians working this summer as we possibly can.”
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