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March 19, 2009
Governor Launches First Federal Transportation Stimulus Project
Membership also announced for Oregon Way Advisory Group
(Salem) – Today Governor Ted Kulongoski launched the first federal transportation stimulus project for Oregon funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The project involves paving and adding a safety barrier to a portion of the Sunset Highway, which has been on a state priority list for more than two years. This project will help a local company preserve and create jobs while also addressing critical safety needs on this state highway.  
“This project is just one of hundreds of examples you’ll see with increasing frequency of how transportation spending will help Oregon's economy by creating jobs and improving our transportation infrastructure,” Governor Kulongoski said. “In addition to the immediate economic benefits, this project is also improving the long-term safety and efficiency of our infrastructure – which is critical to moving people, commerce and goods.”
The $5 million project, funded by the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, was awarded to Baker Rock Resources. The project will allow Baker Rock Resources to maintain and possibly add to its employee level. The company recently has seen reductions in its workforce from the recession.
The project includes paving about seven miles of the Sunset Highway between 185th Avenue and Glencoe Road and installing a cable safety barrier along the divided highway. Without the additional federal transportation dollars coming to Oregon, the safety improvements and the jobs that work will create, would not have been included in the project.
“Baker Rock Resources is exactly the kind of company that is the backbone of Oregon’s economy,” Governor Kulongoski said. “Small, family-run companies like Baker Rock will benefit directly from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Go Oregon and the Jobs and Transportation Act – resulting in economic opportunities for communities and companies across the state.”
The Governor also underscored the need for the state legislature to pass the Jobs and Transportation Act of 2009, which the Governor introduced in January. The Governor’s initiative would make annual investments in transportation across Oregon – creating jobs, maintaining and modernizing current assets and making investments that ensures Oregon has a transportation system that is safe, efficient, green and meets the demands of a 21st century economy.
“Coupled with a strong federal partner,  the Jobs and Transportation Act will help put Oregonians back to work immediately, create sustainable jobs for the long-term and ensure we have a green, safe and efficient transportation system that moves people, commerce and goods, while also reducing our carbon footprint,” Kulongoski said.
Also announced today was the membership of the Oregon Way Advisory Group.
The Governor created the group through executive order in February and is made up of public and private sector leaders with sustainability expertise to assist state agencies, local governments and others seeking federal stimulus grants. The proposals for the grants must meet the Oregon Way criteria: promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction; and above all, create sustainable quality jobs for Oregonians.
To view the biographies of the Oregon Way Advisory Group members, click here.
For more information about what the ARRA means for Oregon, go to:
Jillian Schoene, 503-378-5040
Rem Nivens, 503-378-6496
Anna Richter Taylor, 503-378-6169

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