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April 2, 2009
Governor Addresses First Oregon Way Advisory Group Meeting
Governor offers three projects for consideration
(Salem) – Governor Ted Kulongoski today addressed members of the Oregon Way Advisory Group at their first meeting, marking the beginning of an effort to use Oregon’s green advantage to compete for and win competitive grants from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
“We have an unprecedented opportunity before us with the competitive grants in the federal economic recovery package,” the Governor said. “With this unique public-private partnership, we have the opportunity to secure federal dollars to showcase to the world that Oregon is the leader in doing business smarter and greener while creating jobs and sustainable economic opportunities for the future.”
The purpose of the group is to advise the Governor on signature projects across the state that will showcase Oregon's green expertise and by doing so, create long-term job opportunities as others look to Oregon to tap this knowledge base.
The group includes representatives from the public and private sectors with the required expertise for project proposals around criteria that promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction; and above all, create long term job opportunities for Oregonians.
“We not only need to create immediate jobs in Oregon, which the formula dollars from the federal recovery package are already delivering, but we also must continue to create jobs long after the construction of the project is complete,” the Governor said.  “To raise the bar even higher, we need to do this the ‘Oregon Way’ – a way that reduces our carbon footprint delivering a win for our economy and our environment.”
To set the group’s work in motion, the Governor offered three projects for consideration and asked the group to assess whether they meet the criteria outlined in Executive Order 09-06 and if they support moving forward to identify competitive federal grants to apply for. The group will report back to the Governor with that determination and whether or not they meet the criteria and the goal of The Oregon Way economic recovery effort. If the Governor agrees with the assessment from the advisory group, he will then advance recommended projects to the appropriate federal agency(s) for consideration.
The Governor’s project concepts he asked the advisory group to consider and review include expanding the presence of solar highways in Oregon, retrofitting Portland Community College Sylvania campus to achieve “net zero” energy usage and remaking the city of Vernonia into a greener, more energy independent community.  Project sponsors also addressed the group at its first meeting outlining each project, how it fits the Oregon Way criteria and answering questions from the group.
“This approach is part of a longer term economic development strategy,” the Governor said. “We must move quickly to compete for the grants and start putting Oregonians to work, but this is also about showcasing our expertise so that our knowledge based sector also becomes an export commodity in high demand across the nation and even internationally.”
For more information about Oregon economic recovery efforts, visit:
For more information on The Oregon Way Advisory Group, its membership and the project concepts under consideration, visit:
Anna Richter Taylor, 503-378-6169
Jillian Schoene, 503-378-5040
Courtney Warner (Governor’s Oregon Way Office), 503-991-9560

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