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May 13, 2009
Governor applauds early work of Oregon Way Advisory Group
(Salem) - Governor Kulongoski today applauded the early work of the Oregon Way Advisory Group and endorsed the Oregon Department of Transportation’s application for federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding to build Oregon’s electric vehicle infrastructure, after the Advisory Group approved the request during their most recent meeting. The proposal represents a public-private collaboration of more than 70 organizations that could bring up to $15 million in ARRA funds, hundreds of electric vehicles and over 1,000 charging stations to Oregon.
“I have been a strong proponent of electric vehicles over the past few years and this opportunity presented by the Oregon Way Advisory Group has the potential to strengthen Oregon’s position as a national and international leader in reducing our carbon footprint,” said Governor Kulongoski. “I am excited about this federal economic recovery grant program, as it gives Oregon a chance to demonstrate to the nation and the world our leadership in sustainability and carbon reduction as we build our future economy.”
The Oregon Way Advisory Group was appointed by the Governor to advise and assist state agencies and other partners seeking federal competitive grants under the ARRA. The Advisory Group has been working over the past six weeks to refine its guidelines for identifying long-term economic recovery proposals in Oregon and looking for opportunities for the state to compete for federal dollars.
“The Oregon Way Advisory Group, along with state agencies, has been extremely responsive to this unprecedented level of assistance from the Federal government,” said Governor Kulongoski. “In just over a month the group has developed further guidance for state agencies and local and private partners, and already has recommended an innovative proposal.”
The new guidance put forth by the Advisory Group will help to identify clearly the kinds of signature projects that will showcase Oregon’s green expertise to the nation and promote long-term job growth. The guidance also helps to demonstrate that the Advisory Group is not the only way to access federal economic recovery dollars.
The Oregon Way Advisory Group is just one part of a larger effort to invest federal economic recovery dollars. The state’s recovery website has been significantly expanded in an effort to provide greater transparency and clarity to Oregonians. Now, the public will be able to see the federal funding opportunities available to the state and learn more about how to take advantage of them.
Oregon’s economic recovery Web site is available at:          
Anna Richter Taylor, 503-378-6169
Rem Nivens, 503-378-6496
Jillian Schoene, 503-378-5040 

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