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July 15, 2009
Governor applauds Port Orford marine economic recovery plan
Project promotes ocean sustainability and will create jobs in rural Oregon
(Portland) -  Governor Ted Kulongoksi today approved the Port Orford Marine Economic Recovery Plan as an Oregon Way project and applauded the Port Orford community on their persistence to move this project forward. This project illustrates the type of “signature project” that the Governor envisioned when he created the Oregon Way Advisory Group to help showcase Oregon’s leadership in sustainability and green development. 
 “I want to commend the Port Orford community on their commitment to creating new economic opportunities for their region” said Governor Kulongoski “By capitalizing on the newly designated marine reserve, they are able to map out a future for their community based on ocean sustainability, local fishing, and marine research.” 
The Port Orford community has joined together in an innovative project to make Port Orford a center for sustainable fisheries and a showcase on the South Coast for Oregon’s first marine reserve and for green technologies that enhance the local economy and create jobs. The project envisions facilities designed and constructed using the LEED green building rating system, including:
  • State-of-the-art facility for a high-value live fish processing center;
  • Marine research field station with dormitory and work space for visiting scientists;
  • “Green” Port complex including a working waterfront and retail space;
  • Marine interpretive center for Oregon’s first designated marine reserve.
The Port Orford area provides unique opportunities to conduct science on nearshore species and habitats essential to sustainable use and conservation, particularly because the Redfish Rocks area adjacent to Port Orford was recently designated as one of Oregon’s first two marine reserves. One of the facilities will be a Marine Science Research Station that will provide critical infrastructure, laboratories, and staging areas for the increased research that will be generated by the reserve. 
The research facility will create new job opportunities, both immediate and long-term, and will support the retention of fishing jobs.  The project complements existing research facilities in Oregon and will serve the entire Oregon University System, as well as visiting researchers.
The Governor’s approval and designation as an Oregon Way project will allow the Port Orford Marine Economic Recovery Plan to move forward to the federal government and continue to look for funding opportunities. The Governor believes strongly that by showcasing projects that highlight our competitive advantages, like the Port Orford Marine Economic Recovery Plan, we can position the state for continued economic growth and leadership in sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green development.
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To read the Governor’s letter of support for stimulus funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce for this project, click here.
Media Contacts:
Anna Richter Taylor (Governor), 503-378-6169
Courtney Warner (Oregon Economic Recovery), 503-378-3554

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