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July 15, 2010
Governor announces 6150 jobs funded by Recovery Act last quarter

$200 million in federal dollars funded approximately 6150 jobs during last three months
(Salem) –  Governor Ted Kulongoski announced today that approximately 6150 jobs were funded by $200 million in federal investments during the last three months through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act). Total investment this quarter in all Recovery Act projects and services, including education, health care and unemployment assistance, is approximately $462 million.
“These investments are continuing to put people to work,” Governor Kulongoski said. “By creating employment opportunities, the federal funding is helping individual Oregonians provide for their families in a way that is also improving our communities.”
During the last three months, Recovery Act funds have paid the salaries of over 4,000 educators in Oregon’s K-12 schools and higher education system.
The Recovery Act also continues to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy and transportation projects throughout the state.
Last quarter 129 Oregonians were employed through the Low-Income Weatherization program that increases the energy efficiency of homes and reduces monthly energy bills for low-income families. To date, this program has weatherized 1,428 homes and hired 98 individual contracting firms to do the work.
The State Energy Program has invested $525,000 in 200 energy efficiency and renewable energy projects around the state that will produce both short-term job creation and long-term energy cost savings.
A significant portion of Recovery Act dollars continue to be used to improve Oregon’s transportation system, contributing to this summer’s transportation construction season – the busiest in 50 years. The Oregon Department of Transportation invested $34 million in Recovery Act funding for highways, roads, bridges and public transit projects that have created or retained 310 jobs during the last quarter. In total, the Transportation Department has targeted over $270 million in Recovery Act funding to support more than 350 projects across the state – half of which are complete and the other half under construction.
Recovery Act funding is also helping the Oregon Employment Department serve Oregonians who are out of work. WorkSource Oregon centers were able to employ 32 people in the last quarter to provide job search assistance.  Centers across the state served over 137,000 individuals in person during the last three months.
“The Recovery Act has helped the state invest strategically in the kinds of infrastructure projects that will create new jobs quickly and will provide benefits over the longer term,” Governor Kulongoski said.  “Over the last three months and through the summer, hundreds of Oregonians will work on infrastructure projects such as repairing highways and bridges, clean water projects, and weatherization for homes.”
The Recovery Act continues to provide many Oregonians with direct assistance in the form of unemployment benefits, health care and food stamps. Since the Recovery Act was signed into law in February 2009, approximately $1.9 billion in assistance is now in the hands of individual Oregonians, helping families meet their basic needs.
The data reported this quarter, and previous quarters, can be found on the state’s recovery website. The site provides the public with a one-stop portal of detailed information about Recovery Act investments funneled through state agencies including human services, public safety and education, as well as energy, transportation, housing and other job-creating infrastructure projects in Oregon.
By the end of the month, the federal recovery website will have comprehensive data from states, local entities and private recipients to provide a one-stop portal of information for media and the public. 
The next quarterly report to the federal government from states on Recovery Act spending is scheduled for October 2010.
For more information on the highlights of Oregon’s latest Recovery Act report, click here.
To view the Oregon recovery website, go to:
For the federal recovery website, go to:
Anna Richter Taylor, 503-378-6169
Nicole Charlson (Recovery Act Team), 503-373-0289

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