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Governor Ted Kulongoski - January 2003-January 2011
Governor Ted Kulongoski
Governor Ted Kulongoski took the oath of office to serve as Oregon's 36th governor on January 13, 2003 - becoming the first governor to serve in all three branches of state government. He began his public service career in the 1970s in the state legislature, served as Oregon's Insurance Commissioner, as Oregon's Attorney General, and as an Oregon State Supreme Court Justice prior to his two terms as Oregon's governor.

As Governor Kulongoski worked to improve the lives of all Oregonians by diversifying and strengthening the state's economic base, expanding access to health care, improving and increasing access to education at every level, investing in culture and the arts, protecting our natural resources, transitioning Oregon away from traditional fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources, and honoring veterans and active duty men and women who serve in our nation's military.

Oregon, Our Oregon is a compilation of some of the policies that were advanced under the Kulongoski Administration.
Governor's Spotlight
Governor receives updated report from Reset Cabinet
Governor Kulongoski received an updated report from the Reset Cabinet he created in September 2009. The updated report outlines six immediate steps that can be taken during the 2011-13 legislative session and budget period to reduce the deficit by nearly two-thirds and help achieve a balanced budget.

By resetting the priorities and functions of government, the state will better serve the interest and needs of Oregonians in the face of limited state revenues, restrictive state and federal spending mandates, and diminishing resources from the federal government.
Oregon's Most Honorable
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This is a collection of information about each Oregon service member who died while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and the War in Iraq.
Oregon's Economic Recovery
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Oregon is focused on accelerating our state's economic recovery by creating jobs and economic stability for communities throughout the state during this volatile time. Governor Ted Kulongoski's approach is comprehensive, leveraging state and federal dollars and private investment to maximize efforts that deliver short-term stimulus and long-term economic prosperity.
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The Kulongoski Years: Progress During Difficult Times
The common theme throughout the Governor's more than 40 years in public service has been his undefeatable optimism and deepest belief in Oregon and its people. During the most trying of economic times, the Governor never lost hope or stopped fighting to create opportunity for the citizens of Oregon. Never taking the politically easy or expedient route, Governor Kulongoski did what he believed was in Oregon's collective best interest, successfully passed cutting-edge reforms and creative polices that improved the lives of thousands of Oregonians.

Despite the challenges of two recessions, a war, a federal administration for much of his tenure that challenged Oregon's core values around civil rights and natural resources, Governor Kulongoski led Oregon onto a better path that will be realized by many generations to follow.
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Nissan electric vehicle
Transportation systems account for approximately 40 percent of the carbon emissions released into our air. To reduce these emissions in Oregon, Governor Kulongoski is working toward making the state's transportation system electric-car user friendly. Doing so will provide Oregonians a real choice in purchasing lower and zero-emission vehicles.

The Governor's efforts toward building a charging station infrastructure and supporting consumer incentives to purchase electric vehicles have attracted the attention of car makers. Oregon is partnering with these companies to build the infrastructure and to make their electric vehicles available for purchase in Oregon as a test market.

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