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Press Release
June 1, 2004
Statement of Governor Ted Kulongoski on Final Environmental Impact Statement for Biscuit Fire Recovery Project

"Today the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management released their final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on the Biscuit Fire.

With its incredible biodiversity, roadless character and wildlife habitat, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and the surrounding area is a natural resource jewel - not only to Oregon, but to the nation. The scope and intensity of the Biscuit fire was tragic and the fear experienced by residents of surrounding communities will not soon be forgotten. Protection and careful management of this area is of critical importance to Oregon.

In their FEIS, the Forest Service proposes three records of decision. I believe the Forest Service needs to move forward with ecological restoration of the fire area. By fracturing the final record of decision this should facilitate the ability to move forward in implementing part of the FEIS and meet the public interest.

I am pleased that the FEIS reflects my proposal that the lands adjacent to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness should be added to the wilderness area. However, I am disappointed that the Forest Service has only recommended the inclusion of 64,000 acres of land. The unique character of this area warrants a significantly larger addition.

I support the timber harvest as part of ecological restoration in the matrix and LSR's, but I am very concerned by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management's selection of Alternative 7 as their preferred proposal. This alternative permits intrusion into roadless areas, which I strongly oppose.

The final success of this project cannot be measured just in board feet, but also in the degree to which it supports healthy watersheds and healthy communities. We must balance the need for economic growth with the need to protect Oregon's natural resources - and I believe this proposal does not go far enough to achieve that balance."

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