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Remembering the Sesquicentennial

Dear Oregonians:kulongoski-color-2007-trk-headshot2

Our sesquicentennial year is coming to a close. The celebration that started on February 14, 2009, has been extraordinary for many reasons. We have learned together, remembered together, had fun together, and most of all – pulled together. In a year that was difficult for many Oregon families, our celebration of 150 years of statehood reminded all of us who we are as a people, why we love Oregon, and how blessed we are to live here.

It also gave us the opportunity to honor our diversity, breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, and cultural traditions that form the mosaic we call Oregon.

There are many people and organizations to thank for making our sesquicentennial an unqualified success, starting with the board of Oregon 150, our dedicated and hardworking staff, and countless volunteers, who together and without a lot of fanfare, pulled off one of the biggest birthday celebrations in Oregon history. But the work of the board and staff would not have been possible without the generous support of partners – individuals, tribes, state agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations – that stepped up with donations of money and services. Without their help, turning the board’s strategic plan for the sesquicentennial into reality would not have been possible. But our biggest thank you goes to the citizens of Oregon. You embraced our birthday celebration by partnering with Oregon 150, creating and holding community events and clean-ups, traveling the state, posting your Oregon Stories on the Oregon 150 website, sharing family histories, and setting the stage for Oregon’s bicentennial in 2059.

The board’s strategic plan included six signature projects, which you can read more about in this report. They were:

  • Oregon Stories
  • Take Care of Oregon
  • Travel Oregon 150
  • Imagine Oregon Blog
  • The Youth Legacy Projects
  • Oregon! Oregon!

We hope you enjoy reading about all that you and your fellow Oregonians accomplished during this great sesquicentennial year. You’ll find descriptions of projects, testimonials and recollections, and lots of pictures. So enjoy. And please remember that while the official sesquicentennial celebration will soon be over – the spirit, enthusiasm, hope and joy we found together this year will continue. Because that’s what it means to be an Oregonian.

Sincerely yours,

Ted Kulongoski


Mary Oberst

President of Oregon 150, Inc.