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Celebration 2009: It’s a Birthday Year!

Oregon’s turning 150- that’s a big enough birthday to celebrate all year! And that’s exactly what we are doing- so join in the fun!Fairs! Festivals! Concerts! Tours! Fiestas! Fêtes! You name it, Oregon’s theme in 2009 is “sesquicentennial.”

Sign-up your town’s annual celebration or special sesquicentennial event here!

Check out our list below. Find all of Oregon 150’s Signature and Partner events -and every other kind of sesquicentennial event- taking place in Oregon throughout 2009. Hosted by Oregon’s resident event experts at Travel Oregon (aka the Oregon Tourism Commission), your 2009 sesquicentennial itinerary is just clicks away. And hurry- Oregon only turns 150 once!

Event questions? Contact us at info@oregon150.org or 503.445.7120.

Event coordinators interested in using the Oregon 150 logo should apply to become an official sesquicentennial partner.

Where in Oregon is Seski?