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By now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Enough jibber jabber—how can I help celebrate Oregon?” You’ve come to the right place.

Take a gander at the full slate of projects listed below. Whether you’re interested in preserving Oregon’s past or protecting its future, we’ve got the activity for you.

Oregon Stories

You may already have noticed the link to Oregon Stories on the homepage. We think it’s a fun project—and we think you’ll agree—so we’ll go ahead and mention it again.

We want you to share your Oregon Stories with us. No one knows Oregon like you. Share with us a story about Oregon that you cherish—the way things used to be, or what you hope they can become. Tell us about hardships that you’ve faced. Tell us a joke. Tell us what you would like other Oregonians to know and to remember.

Then, we’ll share the best stories with you. Starting in September 2008 and continuing every week throughout the year, we’ll share your Oregon Stories with the whole state on TV, radio and the web.

To find out more about Oregon Stories and to submit an Oregon Story of your own (hint, hint), just click here.


Get this—Oregon is 98,466 square miles. And if that’s not big enough for you, it’s also 255,026 square kilometers! That’s a whole lot of Oregon, and in partnership with Travel Oregon, we’d like to send you out to parts of the state you may never have seen.

Take Care of Oregon (or TCO, as we like to call it)

TCO is an opportunity for Oregonians to come together in order to tend and mend the Beaver State. You can clear trails, paint schools, plant trees or lend a hand in any of the many other service projects aimed at beautifying this already beautified land—and getting to know your fellow community members even better.

Oregon Youth Legacy Projects

It’s fun to remember where we’ve come from, but it’s just as important to consider where we are going. The Oregon Youth Legacy Projects will bring tomorrow’s leaders together today and invite them to envision the changes they wish to see in Oregon over the next 50 years. Then, they’ll help design and rehabilitate four parks around Oregon focusing on youth rediscovering nature and recreation through an Oregon Parks and Recreation grant process. Finally, throughout the entire education system in the state, youth will be exposed to curricula, projects and activities focusing on the 150th

Imagine Oregon Blog

The Imagine Oregon Blog will encourage people of all ages to share their dreams for the next 50 years.

Oregon!Oregon! 2009

An updated musical by Stan Freeberg called Oregon!Oregon! Originally performed for Oregon’s 100th anniversary and now, being updated for the Sesquicentennial and re-enacted by Pink Martini in a signature series of performances throughout the state. Pink Martini will tour the state and perform four regional performances in the Northern, Southern and Central areas of Oregon in August- September, 2009.